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the un in the usual…

from the earlier post, it may have occured to some that i seem to be in a nostalgic mood these days. i realised that while writing this one… this one deals with something i’m finding difficult to think of these days.. guess it’s always best the first time around…

a daily ritual, observed religiously for years and years, seemed unfamiliar today.the usual precursors to the ritual were present well enough: the strange, contradictory combination of a monotonous, yet crest and trough like speech of the science teacher (who, in this particular case, only ever sounded fun while describing vectors, cuz she’d always say in her south Indian accent, “Vector Oh Yay” indicating vector OA), the weary sighs of my co-sufferers, the ocassional, yet
increasingly frequent yawns and the equally ocassional, yet equally increasingly frequent churns of empty stomachs. the glances at my wristwatch were reflexive, intuitive even. over a decade of expectation unfailingly made an imagined dopplerised bell ring in my head, even before the actual one echoed through the air, a clarion call of salvation for the hungry and bored. lunch recess was here, as it had been all these years, again. but what was wrong? what was the dampener of the joyous gasp at freedom?
i saw it as the others began walking out of the class. what was this? who were these people? what the hell were they wearing? don’t they look at themselves in the mirror in those, those hideous shades??? how can they bear to… my thoughts trailed off as i looked down at myself… peach shirt, ugly brown trousers, the letters VB embroidered onto the breast pocket, brown socks, tan shoes!! not leather, but plastic, all-fucking-weather!!! where was my white shirt, the white trousers, the white socks, the black shoes?? the navy blue tie with the Marian insignia pinned thereon?? what happened to the paint on the walls?? shit, what happened to the walls??!!
oh yeah, right… this isn’t my school… no, wait a minute, this is my school, it just isn’t my.. no, no, no… right, i got it! this is my school, now! it’s not these people or the walls that are strange.. here, i’m the stranger..
that’s what it was, wasn’t it? it was yet another lunch break, but it wasn’t a familiar lunch break. i wasn’t gonna charge down the marble staircase into the senior assembly hall, and start munching on the usual rolls from my tiffin box while chatting with manik and adnan, or showing my face to drumeel so that i could be in one of the teams for the usual lunch-time football match. nope, today i was gonna climb down a narrow flight of stairs onto what is known as a ‘quadrangle’ and walk onto a playground with two goal-posts and a most detestable, incredulity inspiring, enthusiasm rogering, scorn raising, and, to put it in plain english, completely fucked up “no playing in the lunch break” rule!!!!! yup, this was my unknown, unfamiliar reality. no wonder it didn’t feel right.
new school, new guy, day 2. it was the first time i’d put on the school uniform, and the sight of all the brown clothing (and red hair bands on the chicks.. goddamit, chicks!!!! [i was in a non-co-ed school before this. this is not an exclamation of joy, but one of agony {feels freaky to be stared at but so many unknown women cuz you’re the new guy}]) made me feel weird as hell! having been in one school for the better part of my academic life had made me thoroughly institutionalised. i wasn’t quite used to being stared and pointed at like a circus freak!! but it was a position i’d resigned myself to accept. i mean what the heck, makes it easier to get to know people when they’re curious enough to come to you as if you were a musueam piece or something. although it gets a lil fucked up when they talk to you like you’re dyslexic.
i grabbed my tiffin box and walked down the stairs after most of my class-mates had already gone. i did what i usually did when i had to eat lunch without manik and adnan around, by walking on the ‘play’ground, munching on the rolls. once again, in my mind, i cursed my present situation. what the fuck kinda school banned playing on the playground??? who the hell were these weird kids eating their lunches, sitting on the playground!!!!!! from post to post, sitting on mats in circles of various sizes, groups of students eating lunch, chatting away like they were in a goddamned banquet hall. bloody hell, this was a football ground for Christ’s sake!!
and then it happened… it was the single, most inexplicable thing… it was a voice, i know it was a voice… but there was something ethereal to it, like nothing i’d heard before… if you can imagine yourself to be an emaciated skeleton with your skin clinging onto the bones, and dehydrated to the point where your liver and kidneys begin to push against your body, and in that state you hear the gentle gush of a waterfall into a brook marking the entrance to shangri la, you might understand what i felt in the few moments that it took me to turn around and face the source of the sound. the vision was blinding.. no, actually that’s not what it was. there was an implosion of light, 120 degrees of visible area suddenly contracted into one concentrated space, and in that space there was only her… nothing else existed, nothing else got through.. it was only that space, only her, her eyes, her face, her smile, and her voice… a voice that made every part of me quiver (perhaps, i fear, too visibly), yet one that numbed me to a point where the sound seemed distant, hauntingly enchanting, like the strains of the siren’s lute. her smile was a constant through her speech, and her pearly white teeth flashed at me every now and then, teasing me like some infernal will-o’-the-wisp. “Hi, I’m _______. you must be the new boy…” that and the rest of her words flowed out of her lips like the most symmetrically tantalising poetry! there was no question of resistance, no time to put up a guard.. the cherub with the bow flitted around me, laughing joyfully as he shot arrow after arrow at me, piercing into my heart as incessantly and determinedly as a deranged battering ram.
for once, for the first time, and unquestionably at the first sight, i was in love…


4 Responses to “the un in the usual…”

  1. if i said i am impressed. i’d be lying…
    i am floored! flattened!
    the first time…
    still echoes through like an un restrained sound free to waltz through your insides whenever it feels like, sometimes leaving you feeling euphoric, at other times leaving you shattered…

  2. reminded me of the time I first saw pregnant bitch..

  3. Adnan, Manik and Drumeel! You forgot to mention me, jerk!

  4. @ rono – ahahahahahaha

    @amortya – when did we have lunch together???

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