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You flip, I’ll call…

They say life is full of choices, ones we have to consciously make… they never warn us of the impasses now, do they? but they do come our way, the impasses… and then you ask yourself, whatcha gonna do when they come for you… i get the feeling this one’ll not go down easy… for some, anyway…

Heads or tails? This or that.. black or white… door no. 1 or 2? the options are usually simple enough, in all probability one option is favourable. then again, if neither option presents a sunny side up, then atleast one will be the lesser of two evils. but the deal with a coin flip is that one option is favourable to both/all parties concerned. i win, you don’t.. you win, I don’t… a series of transient spins, trasforming a simple coin into the flapping wings of some intangible butterfly, with a dopplerised ping, accompanied by the collective gasps of those whose future course of action, or for all we know, whose fates hang in the balance. then of course, seeing as the stakes are so high (even if/when they’re not), there are ground rules to the coin flip. it can’t touch anything on the way down.. if you catch it in your palm, you can’t flip it over onto your other palm, cuz then “you’ve seen it” (i get the feeling stevie wonder might get away with this, soon as he masters catching the damn coin in the first place. the piano doesn’t fly). So a ‘safe’ coin flip predicates atleast 2 parties, who stand to lose/gain in respect of some third party/subject/object based on the result of the flip.
but what if the guy flipping the coin is also the guy making the call, cuz there is no one else to make a call? the guy’s got two options, and naturally either both are bad, or both are good (otherwise he wouldn’t have to flip for it). but both can’t be had, for whatever reasons. maybe cuz he’s a good guy, or maybe cuz he can’t handle the pressure of juggling both options. you take your pick. if he’s honest, he probably won’t be able to deny his internal struggle between his haloed effeminate angel and his horny, curvy-tailed devil. i’m sure what probably pisses him off the most is that the two work in tandem! for the most part, the angel keeps him from rambling, but now and then (and the ocassions may be few and far between, but still) ye ol devil injects a quart-full of aphrodisiacal ideas into the guy’s head (both of them), and viola! he finds himself in situations where the angel and devil are having a scream-match, the one going, “what in God’s name are you doing??” and the other going, “Why in fuck’s name aren’t you doing it??” I’m guessing that, in the neck of such situations, when the screams are at their loudest, the guy is somewhat engaged in the party/subject/object causing the screams, carrying on the ‘nefarious’ activity that has lead to such a debate. so basically, at such a time, he cannot exactly pull back and say, “time, please. i gotta flip a coin!” or maybe he should pull back, and just walk away. the hell with the coin, just do what’s ‘right’. yeah, i’m sure, and the guy’ll just have bought his ticket to his cozy lil’ castle in heaven, first class all the way. he can almost see it now, a golden boarding pass, no luggage (or maybe i should say ‘baggage’), radiant smiles all the way, and all of a sudden, there’s an announcement, “Attention passengers, this is an urgent message for the loser about to board the Heavenly Express. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, DICKHEAD!!! signed, your devil.” and pop! the guy comes out of his ‘morality’-based reverie, looks at the party/subject/object in front of him, and the screams continue.

Then again, there’s option B, the other party/subject/object. the coin if flipped, might be for the reason of his picking one of them. but god, how he misses the simplicity of no supply (and then he thinks, “um… not really!”). when both options are good, you just know that picking either one is bad! but then thinking on these lines is selfish (and then the devil within asks, “SO??!”). selfless or selfish, now there we have flippable options! but what about green grass on both sides? nah, i don’t think that’s a good enough analogy. how about playstation on one side and x-box on the other (fine, it’s childish.. i’m a guy!!!)? goddamn man!!! what the hell kinda options are these???
maybe the guy should just flip to decide whether to flip for it.
short straw, anybody?


3 Responses to “You flip, I’ll call…”

  1. playstation3 man!
    and dont flip coins or draw straws…close your eyes, trust yourself and choose whatever comes first to your mind…
    i wrote a piece on this a few days ago, you might like it…

  2. I get a faint whiff of what you might be actually hinting at….Base bajate raho bhai…ding ding ding didingdingdidingding

  3. ahem………ahem.

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