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I Know a Pretty Girl

I suddenly remembered today that i’d once written a song for the girl i had a crush on in my 2nd year, the pain in the ass chick. i wrote it after the song ‘hey lil girl’, and for a while, it was considered my best song. of course, that was ages ago, but it’s still not a bad song really 🙂 i dunno if i have any written record of that song, so i thought i’d put it up here…

I Know a Pretty Girl

I saw her one day
At band practice at half past five,
I looked into those big brown eyes
And saw the rest of my life.

But i didn’t say nothing,
I kept all my words inside,
Oh why, oh why,
Did my feelings i hide?

But then one day
I told her how i felt,
She said, “I’m sorry boy,
But there’s somebody else.”

Is there nothing that can be done?
La belle dame sans merci
She said you’re too late boy,
You should’ve told me

And then with a weak smile,
And without giving me a chance,
She turned and walked away,
Without a second glance.

And i stood there for a while
Knowing there’s nothing that can be said,
Couldn’t stop the tears rushing to my eyes,
Couldn’t stop the words rushing to my head.

I know a pretty girl,
Everytime i think of her,
She makes my head swirl.

Yeah, I know a pretty girl,
Everytime i think of her,
She makes my head swirl.

Everytime i see her face,
I know what the earth must feel
To be kissed by the rain.

She’s radiant as the sun
Gentle as the moon
Born with the first raindrop
In the month of June

She smiles and looks at me with those eyes
She’s an angel in disguise
I don’t care for the rest of the world
She’s all i ask for in a girl.

She says she’s got a man
She also says she doesn’t know
Where that’s headed.

I just can’t understand
Why she hangs on so tight
To a thing that’s jaded!

But i know one thing for sure
I’ll never let her feel alone
For as long as i live

Cuz i feel that she’s the one
The one who can be the sun
In the tundra of my life.

Yeah, I know a pretty girl,
Everytime i think of her,
She makes my head swirl.


One Response to “I Know a Pretty Girl”

  1. shit! i cant agree enuf with this song of ur’s either… the one i refered to in my previous “comment” to u… me too told my crush abt the way i felt abt him… n he gave me the same reply that ur gal gave u….”i’m already committed” n strangely… some days back a common friend told me that there were sparks frm both sides but for very obvious reasons it wudnt materialise… guess i was late too… haha!! thast all i can do right now.. laugh it off, tho cry within….

    freaky thing this.. the way the story shud be on each of our sides… were we we twins or something in our previous birth??

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