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Hey Lil’ Girl…

September 19, 2006

This is one of my crappy attempts at songwriting. I wrote this song in my 2nd year on one of the gals I’ve had a crush on. Nothing happened of course (which in retrospect is a very good thing cuz this girl falls in the category which I loosely term a royal pain in the […]

Unnamed Emotions

September 19, 2006

this one i wrote when i was 17. was walking to college when i saw this old beggar. we tend to dismiss such people like so much garbage!! but humanity can exist in inhuman conditions as well…

Tomorrow’s Another Day

September 17, 2006

I’ve only had the one girlfriend (and no, unfortunately it’s not the ‘more sleepless nights’ gal. But hey, my ex was pretty awesome too!!). I was pretty beat up after we broke up. This poem was actually a song I wrote. Now I think it reads better as a poem. It’s a poem about hope, […]

Wish You Were Here

September 16, 2006

wrote this one in first year. don’t really know how or why i started it, but i’m kinda sure the ending has something to do with the ‘more sleepless nights’ gal (can’t be fully sure though, i was pretty messed up back then). here goes… Wish You Were Here The couple at the altar swear […]

More Sleepless Nights

September 15, 2006

woof, this one’s crazy! more on the same gal. i was slightly high on beer when i wrote this. sometimes, the chicken soup books can piss a guy off, even if he hasn’t even read ’em. if you don’t fully get this one, don’t worry. it’s s’posed to be vague. but you gotta admit, it’s […]

For the One Who Never Was

September 15, 2006

oh, this one’s a killer. i was head over heels for this girl. man, she could weave magic around me with a flicker of a smile. i could go on about her, but i’ll let the blog do the talking, so to speak. this is some private stuff, but heck, it’s old news anyway. if […]

SAT Vocab!!

September 15, 2006

Heheh. this one i wrote as an assignment in our english class in first year. someone actually asked me if i was stoned while writing it. i was not. give it a look…The Pleasure of Reading Of the googles of discoveries and inventions of Man, made in the course of the millions of years of […]


September 15, 2006

I’ve been meaning to blog for a while now. Finally i’ve been inspired enough to give it a go. It was always a piss-off cuz it took too damn long to open an account ans start blogging. But after reading stuff put up by shakunt and tabu, i thought that i might as well give […]